Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addicted to 365 cards...

Obviously, I am...
Here is the sketch for Day # 71
Here's my interpretation... I thought this would be better than it is. I think I'm going to cover that "to you" with printed letters. I'm not feeling it the way it is.

#70 ad


This is my puppy! He kind of looks like the dog in the ad, but obviously way cuter! He's about 4 1/2 months in this photo (6 months at present). This is his birthday card to my Mom (her request). Inside it says " I rike roo!" Rike is then crossed out to say "ruv." I signed it with a paw print. I stopped myself before I actually dipped his paws in ink. Then I put Toby in parenthesis. Just in case there are any other crazy adorable puppies that she's getting cards from. The stitching took me FOREVER!

Graduation card... This is for my friend Courtney! She just received her Bachelor's degree. I'm so excited for her! She's worked really hard and she's just a great person. I used my bone folder to emboss a pattern.

I want candy!!! This is a paper from the Sweet Stack. Then I used this ticket stamp and cut it out, stuck it on there with some mini brads and called it a day. I also used an EK Success scallop punch on this one. I was going for a play on the Willy Wonka golden ticket.

Think Pink... I used my Martha Stewart glitter pens (again) to color over this flower to give it some shine. I love the glitter pens b/c I hate working with loose glitter! I embossed a swiss dot sort of pattern with my bone folder (serious cuttlebug envy). Doesn't get much more pink than this.
OK, I can tell by my typing that I am way too tired to be posting. Good night to all! Thanks for taking a look!

and many more...

OK, this is the end of my catch up... for now, but as far as I know, I have no plans for tonight...
#76 The challenge = use embellies in the corners of the card (all of them! and nowhere else). I used a transparency over the middle... this whole card didn't have much of a vision behind it, so it came out discombobulated. Not my favorite...
Coffee themed or use an image of coffee... I don't like coffee and I am definitely Starbucks challenged! But for a non-coffee drinker, I love this. The coffee cup and lettering were cut out using the Silhouette and I stitched two different pieces of paper together for the sides of the card again. I used scrap ribbon and nothing but scraps for the card... that just makes me happy!

This challenge was to hand write the sentiment... and I did. Love the simple layout here.

This was a trio:
Mission accomplished: I inked the heck out of this one. I even inked the bling, so it wasn't so shiny with all the dull colors around it. About half way through, I almost threw this away, so glad I didn't! I love it now!

Musical Monday... It's not Monday, but I did use music. The impetus for this one was a simple google image search for music. I found "Angels We Have Heard on High" and thought that would be perfect for a Christmas card. I'm not religious, but my Mom LOVES angels (she's a little obsessed, in fact). Anyway, I thought this would be perfect for her. The angel was also a search for angel outline on google images. I colored in the middle using mostly Martha Stewart glitter pens and a white gel pen (stripes to give it some texture). Then I used my cool (cool as in the opposite of warm, colors) stickles for the outside. This is another one that will probably dry sometime before Christmas (fingers crossed)!
Thanks for looking!


When I started doing these challenges, I thought I'd start where you guys were when I discovered 365. Then maybe I would do some of the older ones as I felt like it or out of necessity (oh, yes a card necessity ~ I can hear my husband explaining now how that's an oxymoron). Anyway, then I realized I'm nuts and more than a little OCD, so of course I will completely catch up (faster than I think at this rate), and then I'll be thinking... just one card a day?? that's it? Challenge... my ass!
#80No real challenge... just use plaid. I think it's cute and it could not have been easier! And as I'm going through these cards, I'm seeing my style is more simple and clean than anything else, so I'm going to try not to go overboard from here on out... that being said.
Use your favorite manufacturer. I have many, but for this particular one, I used Sassafras Lass. I love these papers and letters and then I went a little nutty with the jewels, but I like it!

#78 sketch

More Sass Lass papers. This one was not my favorite, but I didn't feel like scrapping it and starting a new... I had a bit of a block on this sketch. As it is, the sketches aren't my favorite anyway. I always have a bit of trouble interpreting them.
#77 For this one, you had to use notebook paper. Again, I like how simple this is. I actually used two different scraps and stitched them together to make the sides of the card. I'm thinking you're going to see this technique from me quite a few more times. I love it! It's green and it looks cute!

Major catch up...

Hip to be Square. You had to use five squares in this challenge and if you count the card itself, I have done so. Also, you have to use your imagination with my cutting and measuring that these are definitely squares. I just used a bunch of random scraps here and I think it worked out well.

Living on the Edge... not much to do with the Aerosmith song... everything to do with decorating the borders of the card. I did so with a border stamp I got from who knows where. I wanted a simple thank you for a friend of mine that just threw a garden party that was super sweet and this motif reminded me of the party. It's simple and isn't really a masterpiece, but if I had to, I could do 50 of these in a snap!


The challenge here was to make the card match the envelope. This is actually the first card I ever made for my cousin's baby shower that was this past weekend. I don't love it, but a lot of heart went into it and I credit her with getting me on a card making roll!

This one was a card recipe:
3x3 card (super tiny)
1 flower
1 brad
1 piece of ribbon
I of course didn't read and started with patterned paper and had to redo... one of these days, I'll start actually reading these posts thoroughly. I'll blame it on my eagerness to start the card... yeah, that's it! lol. The flower is from the Prima rockstar collection (or rock something).
Thanks for looking... sorry the layout is all wonky. I'm not really sure what happened there!?!

#122 - It's a WRAP!

I loved this challenge! I never even thought about using wrapping paper on a card! I don't know why... it's so obvious! I think this was a Hallmark wrapping paper, but I'm not sure. I have been banned from buying any new wrapping paper until I use what I have. I've also been banned from buying new paper, but those keep mysteriously showing up... lol! I used Martha Stewart glitter pens on certain parts of the wrapping paper (ladybug body, butterfly body, orange stripes of the bee)... It looks good, but it's more than an hour later and it's not even kind of dry... Maybe, it wasn't the best idea (oh, well). The frame is more of the chipboard chunk I'm trying to use up and probably will be well into my 80's (that's 50 + years from now for those of you that are counting). This card makes me happy and will probably live on my desk for a while.
Thanks for looking! Check back later today for some of my catch up from older challenges...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Catch up from when i was out of town

Today's challenge is to use all the seasons... This was a REAL challenge... I think I'll probably mess with it some more. I'm not a big fan of how it turned out. Here is the sketch from yesterday's challenge:
Here's my take on it... pretty straight forward, but I love these Sassafrass Lass papers!

This is the silhouette challenge. I found this image of a deer online. I traced it with my SD and Voila! I like the simplicity of this challenge!

I used another one of the deer I cut out for the frame challenge below. I have all these chipboard frames from a chipboard chunk that I bought years ago. I'm not a big fan of the set, but I liked using it here.

I hope you all had a great weekend... mine was so-so.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

117 the RIGHT way... and a simple idea!

OK, here it is with no patterned paper... see post below for my screw up.And here are a sampling of cards I made this morning... I was searching frantically for something to take to my Grandmother tomorrow and I thought why not some note cards (blank and thank yous) for her to use. I wanted to make something simple and fast. So... I have this mat stack that matches nothing and it has a hole at the top of each page. I simply folded them over into cards and put a large brad through the hole. Then I used some scraps to put a strip of paper across some of them. This was so easy and would be fantastic for anyone who has to make 20 thank you cards in half hour. There are 2 of each of these designs below and it definitely didn't take more than 30 minutes to make them!

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your weekend... I'll be back Sunday.

Day 117

Ugh! I just read the post and saw "no patterned paper." I'll redo in a bit... It's just a little tiny pattern, though. I added another pic with the flash to show you that the flame and the frosting are sparkly. I used Martha Stewart glitter pens and chalk markers for the rest. The stamps are an Inkadinkado set that was at AC Moore for $5 (score)!
Sorry, I didn't read carefully. The cat got us up at 5:30 (not my normal wake-up call by a long shot) to catch a mouse... mostly she finds it, and we catch it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Catch up... on hold with the cable company!

It's amazing what you can get done when waiting for the cable company! I was on hold, so I put my phone on speaker and worked with some scraps...
#89This challenge was to use a watermelon. I pulled up an image on google and then just drew some slices free hand. I used some scraps that were already on the table, inked them up and put it together. The stamp was another AC Moore or Michaels dollar bin find. This card doesn't open, so I thought it would be great for an invite... or anything really. Right now it's making me happy, so I'm leaving it on a stand on my desk.

#88 I wanted to make this one super simple. It is for my husband and he is not a fan of all the bling and embellishments. Let's be honest, he's just not a fan of paper crafting. I know, I know, how is this possible? Anyway, so I made something that may not look so great to all of you, but I know he will appreciate. I just wrote out the lyrics to Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend" and then wrote out the greeting. This was the song we danced to at our wedding and we still dance to at home.


This challenge was to use the word "eye" in our sentiment. I've always loved this quote, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do. i have a friend that will be graduating college soon and I thought this would work as sort of a life philosophy for life after school...

Ugh... another purple challenge! I'm not a big fan, although the richer, deeper purples are much better for me. I just grabbed one of my few purple papers (say that five times fast) and stuck a ribbon and a sentiment on there... super simple!

#85 sketch

This is the sketch... and here's my take:

Ok, ok, I know it's strange, but it's for a strange person. I was going for some kind of mystical forest... If you look at it upside down it could in some way come from the sketch. I started making a completely different card and while I was playing around this kind of happened. Does that happen to anyone else?? I stamped the background with red and black and wiped it with a baby wipe then paper towels to dry. I inked up the butterfly that I traced from one of my Silhouette cuttings and did a faux wood grain on the tree with my zig pen.
All of these were fairly simple seeing as i was constantly checking the phone and at points talking to different people so they could also put me on hold...
Happy Crafting!
See you next time!